The Iron Swords War – Cyber Perspectives from the First 10 Days of the War in Israel

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
In a recent report from Check Point, the focus is on escalating cyber activities during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The key points include a surge in cyberattacks targeting Israel, diverse cyber threats like DDoS attacks and hack-and-leak incidents, and the involvement of various hacktivist groups aligned with geopolitical interests. These developments are causing heightened risks and tensions in the cyber domain.

The report mentions several groups involved in cyber activities during the Israel-Hamas conflict:

Russian-Affiliated Hacktivist Groups: Major Russian-affiliated hacktivist groups have shifted their attention from their regular narrative against Ukraine to an extreme narrative against Israel. These groups have been actively posting, reposting, and quoting abusive content against Israel and its interests. Notable among them is the Russian-affiliated "Anonymous Sudan," which was one of the first groups to launch cyberattacks against Israeli targets, including disrupting the Israeli public alarm system, Tzeva Adom. Pro-Islamic Hacktivist Groups:

Some pro-Islamic hacktivist groups, such as "Ghosts of Palestine" and "Team_insane_Pakistan," have been involved in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks have primarily targeted small websites in Israel or have had limited disruption effects. Iranian Government-Affiliated Hacktivist Group (Adl Ali):

Adl Ali is a hacktivist group representing the interests of the Iranian regime. While their primary objectives have focused on informational operations against opposition entities and individuals, they have recently claimed to target Israeli infrastructure. The group is known for its involvement in various operations, including the "Mahsa Amini case." Ransomware Cybercriminals ( is a ransomware group that has entered the cyber battlefield, seeking financial gains. They have indicated that the security situation in the region makes commercial entities more vulnerable to attacks, and they are actively looking for opportunities to exploit.

The report underscores that the cyber battleground in this conflict is rapidly evolving, with state-affiliated hacktivist groups shifting their attention to Israel and cybercriminals seeking financial gains.

Security Officer Comments:
The aforementioned groups represent a mix of hacktivist and cybercriminal entities involved in cyber operations during the conflict. While many of the attacks have had limited impact, the evolving trends indicate the potential for increased risks and tensions in the cyber domain. It's important to note that attribution in cyberspace can be challenging, and some groups may use pseudonyms or aliases to mask their true identities.

Suggested Correction(s):
Promote cyber vigilance, download from trusted sources, exercise link caution, stay updated with security patches, and reinforce user authentication.