CISA Releases Logging Made Easy Article

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
We wanted to let members know that CISA has introduced a valuable toolset designed to assist companies with their logging requirements. "Logging Made Easy (LME)," LME is a reimagined offering by CISA, that transforms a well-established log management solution into a reliable, centralized log management alternative. The toolset was initially conceived as an open-source project under the auspices of the United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre, the LME concept aimed to empower organizations in real-time detection of security breaches and the resolution of vulnerabilities by providing insights into device activity, health, and configuration.

Security Officer Comments:
CISA's overhauled iteration of LME meticulously preserves the core functionalities of the original system. It serves as a security information and event management (SIEM) tool, tailored to organizations currently lacking this pivotal capability. It equips even the most vulnerable entities in the cybersecurity arena with the means to swiftly detect and respond to potentially harmful activities on their systems.

Suggested Correction(s):
According to CISA, “Logging is critical for proactive monitoring of threats and retroactive investigation and remediation in the event of an incident. Logging Made Easy is a tested and reliable solution that can help organizations with limited resources needing a centralized logging capability,” said Chad Poland, Product Manager for Cyber Shared Services. “CISA is excited to offer this shared service capability to U.S. and international organizations that can help them mitigate risk and identify vulnerabilities.”

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