Russia to Launch Its Own Version of VirusTotal Due to US Snooping Fear

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
The Russian government is developing its own malware scanning platform, similar to VirusTotal, to address concerns that the U.S. government might access data from the popular Google-owned service. This new platform, called "Multiscanner," is being created by Russia's National Technology Center for Digital Cryptography in collaboration with other organizations and private enterprises, including companies like Kaspersky, AVSoft, and Netoscope. The platform, currently under reconstruction, will offer features like remote file and link analysis using both static and behavioral analysis in controlled sandbox environments.

Security Officer Comments:
The move comes in response to worries that U.S. authorities may access user data on VirusTotal, potentially making its use in Russia illegal. This development aligns with Russia's ongoing efforts to establish greater control over online activities for national security reasons, particularly in the wake of sanctions resulting from the country's invasion of Ukraine.