Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
President Joe Biden has signed an executive order aimed at regulating generative AI systems like ChatGPT, recognizing their transformative potential and potential risks. The order focuses on ensuring the safe and responsible development and use of AI. It directs various federal agencies and departments to create standards and regulations for AI in various areas, including criminal justice, education, health care, housing, and labor, with an emphasis on protecting civil rights and liberties.

The order also addresses concerns about AI's use in national security and public health, including the potential for AI to be used in creating dangerous biological or nuclear materials. It calls for a framework to screen and monitor the procurement of synthetic nucleic acids and encourages the development of AI detection methods for deepfakes. While the order is a significant step, it acknowledges the need for federal data privacy legislation and suggests that further legislative action will be required to address AI-related issues comprehensively.

Security Officer Comments:
This has been seen as a positive but limited step, and the effectiveness of the order will depend on how the named agencies carry out its provisions. The international community is also engaged in discussions and agreements regarding AI regulation and safety.

NIST has made an announcement that the organization will collaborate with both private and public stakeholders to fulfill its responsibilities outlined in the executive order. They state, "We are dedicated to creating valuable assessment criteria, testing environments, and informational assets to assist organizations in the development, deployment, and utilization of AI technologies that prioritize safety, security, and bolster AI trustworthiness." While this action has been regarded as a positive albeit constrained measure, its impact hinges on the execution of its directives by the designated agencies. Moreover, the global community is actively involved in dialogues and accords pertaining to AI regulation and safety.

The executive order in its full entirety is located here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing...velopment-and-use-of-artificial-intelligence/