Pro-Palestinian Hacker Group Soldiers of Solomon Disrupted the Production Cycle of the Biggest Flour

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
The “Soldiers of Solomon” are a Pro-Palestinian hacking group. On their X (previously Twitter) page, the group announced that it had breached the infrastructure of Flour Mills Ltd, a multinational company engaged in the processing and marketing of flour and related food products.

In their post, the threat actors claimed to have damaged the production cycle, including screenshots of several systems used to control processes at the plant. These sort of attacks can have immediate impacts to the company, but can also cause food shortages that directly impacts to human health and safety. Flour Mills Ltd, being the largest flour producer in the area, is an important part of the countries food supply chain.

Theses threat actors have claimed attacks on other Israeli organizations including the Ashalim Power Station, which allegedly was disconnected from the power distribution circuit.

“In October, the hacktivists have taken full control of more than 50 servers, security cameras and a smart city management system in the Nevatim military area. They also claimed to have exfiltrated 25TB of data and ransomed them via our customized Crucio ransomware” (Security Affairs, 2023).

Security Officer Comments:
Attacks against critical infrastructure can be incredibly impactful for targeted countries. Hacktivists in support of Palestine have been looking to damage Israel critical infrastructure as the conflict in the area escalates. Many hacktivist groups are known to exaggerate the impacts of their attacks, so waiting for an official statement from Flour Mills Ltd. is necessary. Israeli organizations will need to remain vigilant, as cyber attacks continue throughout the region.