Forward Momentum: Key Learnings From Trend Micro’s Security Predictions for 2024

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
Advances in cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and Web3 are reshaping the threat landscape, urging organizations to re-strategize their defenses and stay up to date with the latest trends and threats. A new blog post by Trend Micro highlights the new challenges that will come with these emerging technologies and what to expect for the upcoming new year. Trend Micro predicts:

  • Misconfigurations will allow cybercriminals to scale up their attacks using cloud-native worms: cloud technologies like containerized applications can pose a great risk if infected as they can serve as a launchpad for attackers to spread malicious payloads to other accounts and services.
  • AI-generated media will give rise to more sophisticated social engineering scams: threat actors can use AI to mimic or pose as certain individuals, making it easier to social engineer victims.
  • The rising tide of data poisoning will be a scourge on ML models under training: threat actors can corrupt the training data of ML models by compromising its data storage or data pipeline infrastructure.
  • Attackers will take aim at software supply chains through their CI/CD pipelines: a lack of security audits of components and code sourced from third-party libraries and containers could open the door for code-injection attacks, leading to a supply chain attack.
  • New extortion schemes and criminal gangs will be built around the blockchain: potential for cybercriminals to use stolen keys to insert malicious data or modify existing records on the blockchain and then demand a ransom to keep silent on the attack