Google Pixel Phones Unusable After January 2024 System Update

According to recent reports Google Pixel smartphone owners are experiencing issues after installing the January 2024 Google Play system update. Problems include being unable to access internal storage, open the camera, take screenshots, or open apps. The issue affects various Pixel models, indicating it's not specific to a particular hardware architecture. The root cause is unknown, but it's believed to be a software problem with the January 2024 Play system update. Some affected users have reported temporary fixes, such as performing a factory reset, but this results in data loss.

Security Officer Comments:
Google is aware of the problem but has not provided a solution. Concerns arise about the quality assurance processes and testing protocols for system updates, as a similar issue occurred a few months prior. Users are advised to postpone applying the January 2024 update until the situation is resolved. BleepingComputer has contacted Google for a response but has not received one as of publication.