Browser Phishing Threats Grew 198% Last Year

Based on Menlo Security’s browser security report for 2023, browser-based phishing attacks increased a whopping 198% in the second half of 2023. In general phishing attacks seem to have evolved in the last couple of years. According to researchers, they identified 11,000 zero-hour phishing attacks in a span of 30 days. These types of attacks utilize a range of techniques a range of techniques to evade traditional security tools, including smishing, adversary in the middle, image-based phishing, brand impersonation, and multi-factor authentication bypass. Furthermore, with the help of AI, actors are now able to automate such attacks and produce thousands of phishing attacks while minimizing errors, making it difficult for recipients to detect them.

Security Officer Comments:
The increase in browser phishing correlates to a surge in browser usage, with there being new users every day. According to Menlo Security, 75% of phishing links were hosted on reputable websites, highlighting the need for website administrators to regularly fix bugs, apply updates for plugins, and enable multi-factor authentication. Furthermore, end users should be more careful when browsing the web. Assessing website URLs and webpage elements, and installing security solutions can aid in deterring potential infections.