FBI: Tech support scams now use couriers to collect victims' money

The FBI released a new advisory warning of the use of courier servers by cyber criminals to collect money and valuables from victims of tech support and government impersonation scams. Many of the victims are senior citizens who are being targeted by scammers posing as employees of technology companies, financial institutions, or the U.S. government These victims are told by the actors that their financial accounts have been compromised or are under threat. To put victims at ease, the scammers will promise to keep these assets in a secure account and will trick the victims into converting their assets into cash or precious metals or wire the funds to metal dealers who will ship the purchased metals directly to the victims' residences. In this case, the scammers will send a courier to the victim’s house to collect the money or metals, which is never to be seen again.

Security Officer Comments:
The FBI noted that this type of activity increased from May to December 2023, resulting in 55 million dollars being stolen from victims. To defend against such scams, the agency is advising individuals to never send gold or other precious metals to legitimate businesses or U.S. government organizations. Individuals have also been advised to not share their home addresses or meet with strangers to send cash or other valuables that have been requested by unknown personas over the phone.