Hackers Stole ‘Sensitive' Data From Taiwan Telecom Giant: Ministry

Last Friday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense confirmed an attack on the country’s largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom, enabling hackers to steal sensitive information including military and government contracts. The actors have advertised the data stolen on the dark web, allegedly claiming to have exfiltrated 1.7 TeraBytes of data from Chunghwa Telecom. According to the defense ministry, the data includes documents from the armed forces, foreign affairs ministry, coast guard, and other units. However, the ministry notes that none of it is “confidential information.”

Security Officer Comments:
No details regarding the attack have been released so the actors’ whereabouts and how they were able to get a hold of data from Chunghwa Telecom are still unclear. Chunghwa Telecom says it has conducted investigations to identify the cause of the incident, further noting that there is currently no significant impact on the company’s operations.