Content Farm Impersonates 60+ Major News Outlets

Researchers at Bleeping Computer have discovered a content farm that masquerades as reputable news sources, including a couple major news outlets. These sites plagiarize articles without attribution, essentially stealing content from credible news organizations and research institutes.

However, the deception doesn’t end there. The operators of these fake news sites spam forums and comment sections across the internet with backlinks to their domains, all in an effort to manipulate search engine rankings and lend an air of credibility to their operation. Additionally, they brazenly sell advertising space for press releases and product reviews, charging exorbitant fees to unsuspecting individuals looking to promote their products or services. Security Officer Comments:

Despite efforts to mask their true intentions, BleepingComputer’s investigation has uncovered a trail leading back to India, where the operation appears to be based. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of this elaborate scheme seems to revolve around promoting online gambling and other dubious enterprises.

Suggested Corrections:
Researchers at Bleeping Computer have published a list of 60+ live domains presently associated with this network. Any content or 'news' published on these websites should not be trusted to be coming from authoritative news sources and should be independently fact-checked. Moreover, there is no guarantee that any products or services being marketed via promotional advertorials on these websites are legitimate, and could be part of a scam.