7 Top IT Challenges in 2024


“In recent years, AI, cybersecurity, and digital transformation have emerged as pivotal themes shaping the landscape of IT. Organizations must stay ahead of the curve, understanding the evolving dynamics, reasons behind them, and how to adapt. Failure to do so risks competitive disadvantage and increased vulnerability to cyber threats. In 2024, the prominence of generative AI marks a significant development across various organizational functions, offering new capabilities in products, services, and solutions. Organizations must empower their workforce to leverage this technology effectively to enhance productivity, given the impact of prompt engineering on results.

As attack surfaces expand, incorporating AI and generative AI becomes imperative for defense. Yet, addressing challenges extends beyond technology; alignment of people and processes with new realities is essential. Despite the transformative potential of AI, its darker applications, such as generative AI creating malware and deep fakes for social engineering, underscore the importance of preparedness. Enhanced frameworks like NIST CSF 2.0 and AI RFM 1.0 aid in managing risk and ensuring continuous education on governance, detection, prevention, recovery, and privacy, (InformationWeek, 2024).”

Security Officer Comments:
In this article, Scott Algeier, the executive director of IT-ISAC, underscores the challenges posed by increasing regulation in the cybersecurity landscape. He emphasizes that government agencies at all levels are issuing a growing number of regulations and mandates, which necessitate compliance to avoid penalties and legal action. Algeier points out that while security and compliance are interconnected, they are not synonymous, indicating the need for additional investments to ensure organizations are both secure and compliant. This shift in focus towards compliance raises concerns about liability, redirecting attention from pure security efforts.