Advanced Cyber Threats Impact Even the Most Prepared

This blog post from MITRE highlights a recent cyber intrusion they experienced, emphasizing the evolving tactics of foreign nation-state cyber adversaries. The breach, discovered in April 2024, involved the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities in Ivanti Connect Secure VPNs and subsequent lateral movement into their VMware infrastructure.

Security Officer Comments:
MITRE's response included containment, governance, analysis, remediation, communication, and enhanced monitoring. They also provide best practice tips for detection and network hardening, as well as outlining their future steps, including incident review, enhanced training, and strengthening defenses.

Suggested Corrections:
The post concludes with MITRE's commitment to advancing cybersecurity industry-wide, advocating for measures like the National Cybersecurity Strategy, secure software practices, zero trust architectures, and adversary engagement. They promise further updates on the incident's technical details and reaffirm their dedication to safeguarding digital assets and maintaining stakeholder trust amid evolving threats.