China-Linked Attackers Successfully Targeting Network Security Devices, Worrying Officials


At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, cybersecurity experts revealed concerns about China-linked espionage groups exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities to infiltrate US critical infrastructure and businesses. Charles Carmakal from Mandiant Consulting highlighted how these attackers target network security devices that lack endpoint detection and response capabilities, such as routers and firewalls. This allows them to remain undetected within victim environments, posing a persistent threat. Specifically, the state-sponsored group Volt Typhoon has employed advanced techniques to embed themselves within critical infrastructure systems.

Security Officer Comments:
The tactics mentioned in this article highlight Volt Typhoon's high level of sophistication. The group has been known to leverage zero-day vulnerabilities for a long time and has infiltrated both critical infrastructure and commercial networks. As China’s cyber capabilities become more advanced, organizations must continue to be vigilant and collaborate among stakeholders to safeguard national security

Suggested Corrections:
The article mentions that the group specifically targets systems lacking security controls, such as endpoint detection and response capabilities, including routers and firewalls. Securing edge devices is paramount not only in defending against nation-state actors but also against common cyber-criminals. These devices are often easily probed as they are exposed directly to the internet. Ensuring that they are patched and utilizing vendors that release patches regularly, or that prioritize cybersecurity, is crucial in defending the enterprise from outside attacks.