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This Product is a part of the Data Breach Readiness & Response Product.
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Cyberattacks are a threat to every organization, regardless of size, industry or location. Consequences include identity theft, intellectual property theft, fraudulent activities/impersonation leading to theft of money and encrypting your data then demanding a ransom.

Also, there are many state and federal laws requiring data security as well as breach notification to any/all harmed individuals. Adding insult to injury, huge fines can be assessed as well as lawsuits and class-actions to organizations that don’t have these protections and processes in place, and/or don’t follow them. Finally, possibly the biggest loss resulting from a breach is loss of TRUST or loss of Good Will. This type of loss can destroy your organization.

Where do you begin?   Establish a baseline:

The first step in laying a defense is assessing your current situation. In terms of protecting your network and data, what exactly are you protecting (your data), how valuable is it, where is it now, how is it being protected, and what are your strong and weak points? And, if you were to experience a breach, worst case scenario: what’s at stake, and how bad could it get? By going through this exercise, you’ll learn a critical thing: Your RISK.

So, how do you do this?     We have a tool:

Our CSR Readiness Pro program incorporates self-assessment tools to identify and proactively reduce the risk of a breach before it happens. Here’s how it works:

  1. Review - Take the self-assessment questionnaire focused on: Compliance, Security, Privacy, Incident Response & Notification Planning and Information Governance.

  2. Revise - The questionnaire will point out weaknesses and give remediation instructions as well as best practices and policies to implement. You can even buy ready-made templates and edit them to work for your organization (saving you time & money).

  3. Receive - Once you’ve corrected all weaknesses/gaps, and updated the self-assessment questionnaire, a certificate of completion, you’ll receive an ID Stay Safe Digital Seal, which you can display on your website and any/all printed literature.

  4. Revisit - Retake the questionnaire each year, remediate new risks/gaps to demonstrate your vigilance.

This Program has a HUGE additional benefit:

Think you may have had a breach? This Program includes a team of Privacy Experts (CIPP’s) who will interview you/your team to understand what happened, then determine whether or not a reportable breach has occurred. If a reportable breach did in fact occur, they’ll provide mandated notifications to all required governmental and law enforcement agencies, in each/every City & State, wherever required (as well as Federal). They’ll even help you prepare your notification to each/every breached individual.

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